The Team

Meet the Team


Both Richie Cotter and Eamon Doyle are well respected Rock ‘n’ Roll enthusiasts who are leading members of Catty Town Rock ‘n’ Roll Group.
Richie and Eamon co-ordinate the Rock ‘n’ Roll Music, Dancing and Gigi Trail across the town throughout the festival weekend and also all year round.

The history of Enniscorthy and the 1798 Rebellion are essential elements of the festival. Rory, Moira and the Castle staff bring knowledge and expertise of the town’s history and create and organise events based on such heritage such as the 1798 Rebellion Battle Re-enactment.

In 2017, Maree Lyng was appointed president of the Enniscorthy District Chamber. Holding two executive positions, Maree has second to none management and organisation skills which are crucial to the efficient preparation and running of the festival.

Eric Barron plays a crucial role in the management and organisation of the festival both behind the scenes and on the day. Working in the fashion industry, Eric has an excellent eye for detail and a creative streak making him an important asset to the team

The Festival Office is located within Enniscorthy & District Chamber of Commerce’s office.

All queries can be directed to Event Organisers, AW Marketing

or please phone 087 4419140 or Chamber Office 053 9232006.